PIN+ Series

If you're looking for a security key that offers the highest level of security and ease of use, the Token2 FIDO2 PIN+ is the key for you. As showcased on the FIDOAlliance's website, the Token2 FIDO2 PIN+ with its advanced features and firmware-level PIN complexity enforcement provides the most secure authentication experience possible.

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, the Token2 FIDO2 PIN+ is the key to protecting your sensitive data and keeping your business secure, without relying on users when it comes to choosing PINs.

In addition to solving the PIN complexity problem, our PIN+ series will also have additional features, such as ed25519_sk support and a serial number printed on the casing to simplify inventory management.

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PIN+ Release2

Have a look at our PIN+ Release2 Series, now featuring an expanded storage capacity of 300 passkeys.

  PIN+ Release2

See it in action!
We created an online tool that emulates the complexity check implemented on our PIN+ firmware.