Generate PKCS XML file for Watchguard AuthPoint

This tool can be used by Token2 customers only. The file will be sent by email as an attachment or a downloadable link. Please enter the access key and your email address to proceed further. Please note that the access key is bound to the email address and is unique per customer. To get your access key contact us and provide your order ID.

Serial numbers and secrets in base32 format, comma separated, one set per line (example: "123456789,JBSWY3DPEHPK3PXP", without quotation marks)

As the file may be transferred via potentially insecure channels (SMTP), it has to be protected with a password. To avoid issues with our web security filters, please use only English letters and digits
Zip password

About this tool
This tool generates a seed file compatible with Watchguard AuthPoint based on an arbitrary base32 secret submitted by users.The use case for this tool is allowing using the same token in more than one system. For example, you can provision a token for Facebook or Google using our NFC Burner or USB Config tool, record the base32 code and then use the same secret to generate the pcks file for Authpoint. If you want to use your token only with AuthPoint or for requesting the seeds for classic tokens, read this page.