Native support of NFC FIDO2 Keys in iPhone Safari

Starting from iOS 13.3 it’s now been confirmed that your iPhone will natively support NFC-enabled FIDO2-compliant security keys in Safari. With our NFC enabled FIDO2 keys, you can now log in to any website you have registered directly using your Safari browser without the need of an additional app (this applies to U2F and WebAuthN based authentication only, HOTP/TOTP based logins will still require the companion app).

The video below shows how our NFC FIDO2 key is used on our FIDO2 Demo page.

Starting from iOS version 14, the PIN code enabled FIDO2 keys are also supported. If you have PIN code enabled on your NFC FIDO2 Key, you will have to tap your key twice (second time after entering the correct PIN) to complete the procedure.

The video below shows the same process with PIN code enabled on the key.

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