Android NFC Burner app for the second-generation single-profile Token2 programmable tokens

This page describes the app that can be used to program and configure our single profile hardware tokens using Android devices. Please note that this app cannot be used with our first-generation tokens, such as C105 and miniOTP-1.


Our NFC Burner app is compatible with a wide variety of Android smartphones and tablets. Whether you're using a flagship device or a more budget-friendly option, you can trust that our app should run seamlessly. We have tested and optimized NFC Burner on devices from various manufacturers,  but if you happen to run into any compatibility issues, please do not hesitate to let us know. We value user feedback and are dedicated to resolving any concerns promptly to enhance your experience.

About the app

This is a simple NFC burner and is very similar to our iPhone app. In addition to burning the seeds, the app will also allow configuring advanced settings, such as the hash algorithm (sha-1 or sha-2), the time offset (30 seconds or 60 seconds), the display power-off time out (from 15 seconds to 120 seconds) and time synchronization.

Burning a seed

The main window of the app is allowing to burn a seed to a programmable token by scanning the seed QR code or typing it in manually. This is the only screen you will be using in 99% of the cases.

  • To burn a seed, launch the app, then touch the 'Scan QR' button to scan a TOTP QR code using your camera. If the provisioning needs to be done by typing in or pasting a seed in text format, you can enter the seed in the 'Seed (in hex)' field if the secret is in hex format, or touch 'enter in base32' button if the seed needs to be entered in base32.

Android NFC Burner app for the second-generation single-profile Token2 programmable tokens

  • Once the seed field has been filled, turn the hardware token on and touch the >NFC area of the device. Then, touch "Burn Seed" button when it becomes active. The process completion (or any errors) will be shown in the 'Results' area

About NFC Stability

NFC operates by using electromagnetic fields to enable communication between devices. It works in two modes: active mode and passive mode. In active mode, both devices generate their own electromagnetic fields to communicate with each other. In passive mode, one device generates the electromagnetic field, and the other device uses that field for communication. Passive NFC devices, such as NFC programmable TOTP tokens or NFC-enabled security keys, rely on an external electromagnetic field to power the chip and enable communication. These devices do not generate their own electromagnetic field. All Token2 devices with NFC operate in passive mode, therefore the aspects covered in this article are important

Configuration window

By choosing "Profile Configuration" from the app menu, you can access the configuration modification tool. This tool allows you to change the settings of the device. Please keep in mind that, in most cases, it's best to leave the configuration at its default settings.

Android NFC Burner app for the second-generation single-profile Token2 programmable tokens

It's important to note that the values displayed on the form above do not reflect the current configuration of the device; they are simply the default settings. This is because it's not possible to read the configuration or seed from the token; we can only write to it.

Additionally, exercise caution when making changes to the configuration. In some instances, altering the configuration may cause the token to stop working. For example, if you modify the time on a device with restricted time synchronization, the seed may be cleared for security reasons. Similarly, changing the algorithm setting, such as switching from SHA1 to SHA256, can break the configuration.

 About timezone
Important: Please note that the time on the device is displayed and should be set in the UTC timezone (TOTP algorithm uses UTC only). By checking the "auto sync" box, you can use the system time of your Android device automatically.

 Install or Download
You can install the app from the Google Play using the link below

Or download the APK file from our server