FIDO2.1 Manager: Standalone Passkey Management Tool for Windows


In response to a glaring gap in the market, we are thrilled to introduce the first standalone FIDO2.1 Passkey Management Tool for Windows. Fueled by the necessity for a user-friendly solution, our tool addresses the discomfort users face with command line tools and Chromium-based methods.

The absence of a standalone FIDO2.1 passkey manager for Windows left users with limited options, often resorting to complex command line interfaces or Chromium-based alternatives. Recognizing this need, our tool steps in to provide a seamless and accessible solution.

The FIDO2.1 Security Key Management Tool is a utility designed to manage and interact with FIDO2.1 security keys. It provides functionalities to view information, manage relying parties, and perform various operations on connected FIDO2.1 devices.

Essentially, the tool furnishes details about security keys, including AAGUID, supported transports, protocols, and more.

It enables users to view stored passkeys (also known as resident keys) and delete them. For additional information and to download the tool, please visit this page.


Did you know?

Token2 is offering currently the most secure FIDO2 keys for enterprise customers, known as the PIN+ Series FIDO2 keys. These keys, certified by the FIDO alliance, enforce PIN complexity at the firmware level. This unique feature is not available with other keys, even those marked as FIPS-certified.