Integration guide for Sophos UTM and XG Firewall

integration guide


Sophos UTM provides the ultimate network security package with everything you need in a single modular appliance.

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Token2 C301 - programmable keyfob token with restricted time sync

product updates new model


New model of programmable TOTP token in keyfob form-factor, now with restricted time sync.

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Token2 miniOTP-3 programmable card with restricted time sync

product updates new model


New model of programmable TOTP token, now with restricted time sync.

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Yet another review of OATH hardware tokens feature in Azure Cloud MFA

azure mfa review

azure mfa hardware tokens

office 365 mfa hardware tokens


About three months ago Microsoft has announced the availability of OATH TOTP hardware tokens in Azure MFA. The feature is still in “public preview”, but we see many of our customers using the feature in production already now. As we are testing this for the last couple of months in our lab environment and, in many cases, we are also assisting our customers with the activation of the feature, we have some observations that we believe are worth sharing.

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Programmable TOTP token in a key fob form-factor

new product


TOKEN2 introduces C300 - first NFC programmable OATH TOTP token in keyfob form-factor.

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TOKEN2 NFC Burner Windows application

product updates tools


A Windows application for the second generation of Token2 programmable tokens to be released soon.

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Introducing world's first programmable TOTP tokens with time sync

product updates


The average time drift for TOTP hardware tokens may be up to 2 minutes per year...

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Token2 TOTP Toolset



This toolset can be used to emulate a hardware token and to perform OTP verification and drift detection.

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New product: OTPC-N1 - OTP Display card

product updates


A "card" version of the classic TOTP token. Nonprogrammable, standard credit card size.

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New product: Token2 TC201 hardware token

product updates


We are happy to announce a new product, TC201. This classic OATH compliant TOTP token is basically a redesigned version of C200 token, but a bit thinner (the thickness of TC201 is 10 mm, whereas C200 is 11.5 mm).

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Microsoft Azure Cloud MFA OATH hardware tokens support (public preview)

integration guides


Microsoft has recently (around 15/10/2018) announced the availability (public preview) of [classic] OATH hardware tokens with its cloud-hosted Azure MFA Server.

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